Engineered to go all out.
Using sensors, 3D maps, and an advanced software that handles perception, prediction, planning, and controls. 
Designed for your safety.
Safety is a fundamental human right. At Earth Robotics, it’s also one of our core values. 
earthrobotics lu robot
Radars - Cameras - Lidar. Combined these sensors, create a 360-degree overlapping field of view that extends over 40 meters around the robot, enabling it to see in all conditions.
360° field of view
earthrobotics 360pg
User protection 

Equivalent security for each user.

360 view for problem anticipation.

Intuitive language for user adoption.

Software system
Redundant systems

Steering and driving controls.

Fail-operational that keeps it moving.

Robots self-diagnostics.

Designed for your safety
earthrobotics privacy
Driving control

Safe braking distance.

Four-wheel steering and control. 

Speed limited to 2mph.

Tech specs
specs lu.png
 earthrobotics lu the robot