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We are the crazy ones


We are not just a company; Earth Robotics is an idea, an idea made by people who are committed to leaving the world better than they found it.


We continue to build a culture where everyone belongs. That's what drives our innovation and our progress. Thanks to people like you, we can achieve those goals.


Expectations are high for Earth Robotics because they should be. We are committed to exceeding those expectations every day. That has always been the Earth Robotics way,  and it always will be.

Part of our journey



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Sep 10 2020

Earth robotics was founded

Early concept

This is the beginning of Lu our first robot  prototype

( P1 )


Rectangle 2_3x.png
Rectangle Copy 2_3x.png
Rectangle Copy 4_3x.png
Rectangle Copy 5_3x.png



Proud to complete the first part of the simulation and navigation system.


Our first motor control system designed

All wheel steering

Eight mode drive system, allow us to go anywhere.

first proof of concept prototype robot


( P2 )


Rectangle Copy 7_3x.png
Rectangle Copy 8_3x.png
Rectangle Copy 9_3x.png
Rectangle Copy 10_3x.png
Rectangle Copy 11_3x.png


The sketch

From paper to reality


Full-scale models allows us to fine-tune our robot industrial design.


( V1 )

Create ART or visual navigation system

We reveal Lu robot for first time.

Hello, world

We are committed to exceeding the expectations every day.

New challenges

More to come...

We can’t wait to show you what comes next

The name is inspired by how autonomous and unique our planet is. It also reminds us that it was founded to make people's lives more efficient, safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable. We believe in progress, in applying intelligence, reason, and science to improve business, society, and the human condition.

Always Humans

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